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Submitted on: Nov 30, 2014 at 11:20 PM

General Information

Race and Class
Orc Warrior
Main Spec


Tell us something about your class that you don't think most people know.

Protection Warrior is one of the easiest tanks to play. It can be spammy, but it a lot of fun.

Tell us about yourself - age, timezone, schedule, fetishes, etc.

My name is Nate and I'm 21 years old. I live in Pennsylvania, so I my timezone would be eastern. I am a full time student and a part time caterer at a local catering company. I mainly work the weekends and have classes during the day to give me time to raid during the week. I love music and video games, obviously!

Raid Information

Outline your previous raid experience. Please be as detailed as possible, including any links if applicable.

I raided on my hunter for the most part of MoP. Deciding to roll a tank for WoD, as it would give me a fresh start to a role that I really wanted to play. I never liked dps too much, and always wanted to be the guy making sure nobody else took whacks to the face!

Detail your off-spec capabilities (ie: gear level, experience).

Off-spec wise I would definitely go with fury, but I am not to familiar with it. It wouldn't take me long to learn the spec, as I do massive research and experimenting when learning a class.

How do you prepare for raids? Be specific.

I make sure I am online at least an hour before the raid. Flasks, potions and feasts are a must for me. I try to bring as many as I can. I also prepare a lot for raid bosses. Doing research and such for strategies and abilities of the bosses.

What do you feel that you, personally, bring to a guild and raid environment?

I believe I bring reliability and adaptability to the raid environment. When I fuck up, and someone tells me I fucked up, I tend to not fuck up too much afterwards. I learn from mistakes faster than most, I believe, and I am more open to different options to down bosses.


Tell us your best joke.

Why are the Flyer's jersey's bright orange? So the fans can wear it to the game on Saturday, to hunt on Sunday, and to pick up trash on the side of the road the rest of the days.

What made you apply to Negatory?

My guild decided it was going to swap servers a few days before the drop of the raid. I did not want to roll with them, so decided to leave and find a new home. I luckily found Negatory while frantically searching the forums and it seemed like an absolute perfect fit for me.

Were you referred by an existing Negatory member? If yes, who?

Unfortunately, not!

Negatory is a mature guild, and as such you will be subject to foul language, off-color humor and "adult" discussions - understood?


Is there any additional information we should take into account when reviewing your application?

May the odds be forever in MY favor



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