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Submitted on: May 25, 2017 at 10:11 AM

General Information

Race and Class
Orc Warrior
Main Spec


Battle Tag


Tell us something about your class that you don't think most people know.

warriors are broken ... 15 million burst trinkets shouldnt exist also

Tell us about yourself - age, timezone, schedule, fetishes, etc.

39 years old - AST Canada east coast - I have no wierd fetishes sorry :( Married 3 kids , work in the automobile industry as a sales manager of a Chrysler dealership. Out side of that I like a ton of sports and when im not working or spending family time I am playing wow.

Raid Information

Outline your previous raid experience. Please be as detailed as possible, including any links if applicable.

I re-rolled a warrior for legion but I had played one in a cutting edge guild back in the day ( Orig Naxx / BWL etc ) I have pretty much seen all heroic / mythic content die while it was relative and ahead of the curve of current days standards. I have played in a couple top 50 US guilds in the past and have years and years ( literally ) of raid xp.

Provide a link to your recent Warcraft Logs parses.
Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

Ill do this when I am home , at work lol

Detail your off-spec capabilities (ie: gear level, experience).

my prot is 909 ilvl - 46 traits , I tank mythic + and heroic runs and stuff , but really dont prefer to raid in a full time position in the spec. I would be more then happy to 3rd tank if ever needed etc.

How do you prepare for raids? Be specific.

I have friends still playing in many top 10-20 US guilds , I always stay in touch and up to date on strats via vids / guides etc

What do you feel that you, personally, bring to a guild and raid environment?

I am a good Canadian guy that brings no drama , puts in alot of play time and always happy to contribute in anyway to make the guild a better place.


Tell us your best joke.

Im not really funny. I actually dont have a good joke at all .. I could google one ?

What made you apply to Negatory?

Looking for a 3 day guild that raids in my time zone. I came to Area 52 cause i have 2 Canadian buddies that raid in SPK and they recommended that server etc

Were you referred by an existing Negatory member? If yes, who?


Negatory is a mature guild, and as such you will be subject to foul language, off-color humor and "adult" discussions - understood?


Is there any additional information we should take into account when reviewing your application?

I will show up for raids , be active in guild all the time , do decent dmg and not die to stupid shit over and over


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Thank you for your interest in Negatory. At this time we do not feel it would be a good fit. Best of luck.

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