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Submitted on: Jul 19, 2017 at 02:35 AM

General Information

Race and Class
Undead Death Knight
Main Spec


Battle Tag


Tell us something about your class that you don't think most people know.

Unholy Death knights have three acceptable openers for the Dark Arbiter build

Tell us about yourself - age, timezone, schedule, fetishes, etc.

26, UTC -09:00, I work Thursday-Wednesday 0600-1800 and flip every other week 1800-0600 one week one one week off. I know that is not going to work for a main spot in mythic progression. I'm looking for a fill in spot and to do some high mythic+ keys for wowprogress.

Raid Information

Outline your previous raid experience. Please be as detailed as possible, including any links if applicable.

9/9H ToS 3/10M NH and I started raiding in wrath did heroics in cata played league in mop and was casual in WoD

Provide a link to your recent Warcraft Logs parses.
Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.
Detail your off-spec capabilities (ie: gear level, experience).

56 traits in frost 52 in blood. looking to switch to frost in 7.3 if its better = to unholy

How do you prepare for raids? Be specific.

Make sure I know the fights for my class and spec, watch fatboss, jacedk, dk discord. have food pots flask runes.

What do you feel that you, personally, bring to a guild and raid environment?

I know when to shut up be serious and when to say something for the LuLz


Tell us your best joke.

Why do they put cotton in pill bottles To remind black people of what they did before they sold drugs

What made you apply to Negatory?

The only mythic guild on area-52 that seems to have a personality in there recruitment info

Were you referred by an existing Negatory member? If yes, who?


Negatory is a mature guild, and as such you will be subject to foul language, off-color humor and "adult" discussions - understood?

yes please

Is there any additional information we should take into account when reviewing your application?

would love the opportunity to play with a higher end group of people and git gud


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Thank you for your interest in Negatory. At this time our melee roster is full and we are unable to consider additional applicants. Best of luck.

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