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Submitted on: Jul 27, 2017 at 12:40 AM

General Information

Race and Class
Blood Elf Demon Hunter
Main Spec


Battle Tag


Tell us something about your class that you don't think most people know.

we have a tank spec. oh and if you die to mechanics, youre a bad dh

Tell us about yourself - age, timezone, schedule, fetishes, etc.

24 year old student, from texas, LOVE foot stuff

Raid Information

Outline your previous raid experience. Please be as detailed as possible, including any links if applicable.

Played the game since vanilla, raided BWL as a preteen, off and on ever since, latest rading experience 4/10 M NH last tier

Provide a link to your recent Warcraft Logs parses.
Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment.

be happy to send a link in a discord channel

Detail your off-spec capabilities (ie: gear level, experience).

more than capable m+ and raid tank, i enjoy playing demon hunter, not just havoc.

How do you prepare for raids? Be specific.

throughout the week, i run m+ to fill in gear holes, farm for pots / flask, do wq's for ap. the day of, i check warcraft logs and the dh discords for any new strategies, watch fight videos to brush up on mechanic timing, hit the target dummy to cement the rotation. fights are won in the time leading up to the encounter

What do you feel that you, personally, bring to a guild and raid environment?

Grit, dirty jokes, and a kill-first mentality


Tell us your best joke.

a photon walks up to the desk at an airport and buys a ticket, the receptionist thanks him and asks if he has any bags hed like to check. the photon replies "no thanks, im traveling light"

What made you apply to Negatory?

Old guild stalled for a variety of reasons, weak leadership and low standards / expectations chiefly

Were you referred by an existing Negatory member? If yes, who?


Negatory is a mature guild, and as such you will be subject to foul language, off-color humor and "adult" discussions - understood?

please and thank you

Is there any additional information we should take into account when reviewing your application?

Im in this for the long haul, if im genuinely not helpful for the encounter for whatever reason, sitting on the bench is not going to rile me up. Its a process, but i believe that i can be a top tier raider


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Thank you for your interest in Negatory. At this time we do not feel it would be a good fit. Best of luck.

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