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Submitted on: Feb 01, 2018 at 09:05 PM

General Information

Race and Class
Blood Elf Monk
Main Spec


Battle Tag


Tell us something about your class that you don't think most people know.

Essence Font makes our mastery proc twice.

Tell us about yourself - age, timezone, schedule, fetishes, etc.

Im 21 years old i live in washington state, im a chill dude that wants to be apart of a enjoyable fun raid team. In terms of fetishes i gotta say my Waifu love is strong.

Raid Information

Outline your previous raid experience. Please be as detailed as possible, including any links if applicable.

i started mythic raiding in tos, ive been at a skill level of a mythic raider just had really bad guild experience for sometime. In tos i ended the tier 6/9 almost 7/9 and right now im 2/11 but i know most the fights.

Provide a link to your recent Warcraft Logs parses.
Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment. (I've updated it quite abit recently if you guys want an updated ui just ask ill have to go into LFR and get you guys one

Detail your off-spec capabilities (ie: gear level, experience).

Im a decent brewmaster i can tank just fine, i just have to learn the tank mechanics

How do you prepare for raids? Be specific.

I spend hours looking up youtube povs for my specs, i read all the fights on almost all sources. Fatboss vids whenever they come out. i also dive into logs if there are any.

What do you feel that you, personally, bring to a guild and raid environment?

I bring a cool headed progression mindset to a team, im a really good healer in clutch situations. Im a pretty chill guy who just want to sit back game and have fun and joke around.


Tell us your best joke.

JOKE? Are you guys assuming i can be funny. Excuse me sirs im a proud Tree hugging monk.

What made you apply to Negatory?

ATM the guild i am right now might be dying i have to wait and see right now im putting out feelers

Were you referred by an existing Negatory member? If yes, who?

I dont know a single person in this guild

Negatory is a mature guild, and as such you will be subject to foul language, off-color humor and "adult" discussions - understood?

only snowflakes get triggered by "adult" discussions

Is there any additional information we should take into account when reviewing your application?

If you guys want me ill gladly join, my current guild situation is on shaky grounds so im putting out feelers right now.


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Nevermind Guild is dead im open to join the cult

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